How to Support Fellow Creatives and Small Business Owners

creative life May 19, 2020

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, I hope it’s how interconnected we all are. Many creatives and business owners are in need of a bit of extra help these days. So, how can we support each other—even as each of us face with our own obstacles? There are numerous ways we can support creatives, often with simple actions that don’t take much time and don’t require spending money.


1. Engage with Their Social Media

You can help other creatives and small business owners gain traction with their social media posts so they reach more people. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Like and comment on their posts, especially within the first few minutes of them posting. This will help their posts reach more followers.
  • Share their post. Broadcast their message to your audience so it reaches more potential customers.
  • Tag a friend in the comment section of their post to expand their organic reach.


2. Leave a Review

Many clients only take the time to leave reviews when they’ve had a negative experience, so many creatives and business owners need their well-earned good reviews! Take a few minutes and leave fellow business owners good reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and any other platform you think might apply to their industry.


3. Tell a Friend

Often a person-to-person recommendation bears more weight than a social media post, so share with friends when you’ve had a good experience with a creative or small business.


4. Buy Something (and Post About it)

If you’re in a position to do so, financial support is always welcome. If you’re able to tip, do so generously. If you’re trying to support a service-based business and the business can’t operate at the moment, buy a gift certificate to use at a future date or merchandise, such as a company t-shirt. When you do buy something, share it via social media to provide that extra virtual boost and to encourage your friends to patronize that business as well.


5. Collaborate on a Project

Teamwork and partnerships can boost both of your businesses and help you introduce your respective companies to new audiences. What about giving a small discount to customers who patronize both businesses within a week? Or doing a buy one get 10 percent off at a partner business? You might also consider partnering on a social media campaign or sharing outreach costs.


6. Donate your Expertise 

Many of us have tired of being asked to coffee so someone can pick our brains. Your expertise has value, and you should be paid for it! But given these unprecedented times, what if you proactively offered your expertise to other creatives to help them through this emergency? You can set boundaries that work for you. Ideas include offering five slots for consultations, setting designated office hours when you’ve available to anyone, or reaching out to specific individuals who could benefit from your knowledge. These days, your 10 minutes of advice might make a huge difference for a fellow creative or small business owner. If you have an existing coaching or knowledge-sharing platform, consider offering free or reduced-cost access to certain groups of people who have shown need.


How have you supported local, creative, and small businesses lately? Share your tips at hello [at] howtopitchmedia [dot] com.


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