Entrepreneurial Survival Guide: Morning Routines

creative lifestyle Jul 23, 2020

As an entrepreneur, I find it temping to jump out of my bed and into my day. Perhaps it's because I'm truly passionate about my work, and I can't wait to get to it. Perhaps it's because I have a never ending to-do list, and I think tasks can't wait! However, by skipping my morning routine, I discovered that I leave myself at a disadvantage for the rest of the day. I'm not at my best without it. 

Author, podcaster, and thought leader Tim Ferriss has interviewed hundreds of professionals about their morning routines. He sees it as the linchpin of a successful day and, over time, career. Ferriss observes, "From my perspective your morning should have a predictable and scripted boot up sequence. What does that mean? That means that you have an algorithm, a set of steps, that produce an optimal day for you more often than not, and that is dictated in the first 60 to 90 minutes of the day." He continues, "I’ve heard it said before and I do believe that if you win the morning, you win the day." 

How can you win the day?

An optimal morning routine differs for each person. As Ferriss discovers in his interviews, personal development speaker Tony Robbins jumps into a cold pool and author Seth Godin makes a hemp milk smoothie. In her podcast on the subject, online marketing coach Amy Porterfield discovers Instagram guru Jasmine Starr gives herself 45 minutes of decadent baths and tea, while business coach James Wedmore does an intense routine involving meditation, exercise, and an infrared sauna. 

Your morning routine will be particular to you. The only things that matter are 1) you one, and 2) it feels good to you. 

My morning routine is long and involved! When I wake up, I go for a run. When I get home, I fix my fur-kids breakfast and eat breakfast myself, usually a plant-based smoothie and coffee. Then, I take my dog for his walk. Along the way, I listen to and read news. Before 8 a.m., I've interacted with five different media outlets. Then, I shower and get dressed. Whatever else your routine includes, I recommend doing this every day—even if “getting dressed” means putting on a clean pair of yoga pants. (Confession: After years out of the office, I’ve lost my appropriate-work-apparel north star.) When I arrive at my desk, I do a daily gratitude practice and outline my top three priorities for that day. By that point, I feel nourished physically, spiritually, and mentally, and I feel ready to begin my workday with focus and clarity. 

My morning routine takes two and a half hours. Can everyone do that? Nope! I'm fortunate I have the freedom and support to spend this time preparing myself for the day. I'm sharing my morning routine as inspiration to get you brainstorming about your optimal routine. 

What does your morning routine include? Or what do you hope to add to it? Tell me at hello [at] howtopitchmedia [dot] com. 


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