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Ashley has been interviewed and featured in the following outlets as an educator. To reach Ashley for an interview, email [email protected]

Updraft Podcast

Ashley spoke with host Annya Miller about the need for entrepreneurs to generate press coverage and the most frequently asked questions she hears from small business owners about how to pitch the media. Listen to the episode. 


Gig Jig Podcast

Ashley spoke with host Kris Harley-Jesson about the essentials for pitching the media—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The podcast is for entrepreneurs with unique skills (and people looking for their unique skills) who are just getting started. Listen to the episode.


Feed U Podcast

Ashley spoke with host Alisa Conner about what to pitch the media, how to get yours to stand out in a pile of pitches, and why press can be more valuable than social media. Listen to the episode.


FEMnation Podcast

Ashley spoke with host Whitedove Gannon about her entrepreneurial journey, including the importance of thinking of herself as an entrepreneur (and not only a creative). Ashley also talks about her definition of success and the value of telling your story. Listen to the episode.


Creative Chats with Mike Brennan

Ashley spoke with host Mike Brennan for his "Creative Chats" podcast and shared special tips for creatives doing media outreach. Listen to the episode.


Small Business, Big Mindset Podcast

Ashley spoke with host Erin Geiger in detail about media outreach, from the whys to the how. Listen to the episode.


Tips & Strategies

Tactical information to get started with pitching your small business to the media today.


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